1. CoinThe Wright County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind drivers to slow down and exercise caution as the new school year comes back in session for most Wright County Schools beginning September 2nd, 2014.  

    The Sheriff’s Office is working to raise public awareness about traffic safety during the school year. The Sheriff’s office will focus on motorists who illegally pass school buses, speed in school zones, fail to wear or ensure their children wear safety belts, and commit other unsafe driving actions in and around Wright County’s schools.

    Motorists should be aware when driving in neighborhoods or school zones to watch for children who may be in a hurry getting to and from school and may not be thinking about getting there safely. Slow down and obey all traffic laws and speed limits. Be alert for school zones that have a reduced speed limit at designated times of the day. Keep an eye out for children walking in the street, especially where there are no sidewalks and pay attention for children playing and gathering near bus stops and for those who may dart into the street without looking for traffic. 

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