1. Administration

    Contact the administration department.

  2. Assessor

    Find property tax assessment information, including property tax search, tax appeals, and homestead classification application.

  3. Attorney

    Get information about the County Attorney's Office.

  4. Auditor / Treasurer

    Find county financial documents, and information about property tax administration, property conveyances, voter registration and elections, county drainage ditches and county licensing (including passports).

  5. Court Administration

    Get information about Court Administration.

  6. Court Services

    Obtain information about Court Services.

  7. U of MN Extension

    Get information about this educational outreach program.

  8. Highway

    Review information about highway and transportation services.

  9. Health & Human Services

    Learn about the Human Services Department.

  10. Information Technology

    Information Technology

  11. Law Library

    The Law Library provides residents with public information, local ordinances, state statutes, agency rules, public forms (family law, conciliation, etc.) and other legal resources.

  12. Parks & Recreation

  13. Planning & Zoning

    Read information on the Planning and Zoning department.

  14. Recorder

    Check out information on the County Recorder / Registrar.

  15. Sheriff

    Look up information on the County Sheriff's Department.

  16. Surveyor

    The Surveyor Department provides professional surveying support to the county and ascertains that land measurements and locations of all parcels of property in Wright County are properly defined.

  17. Veteran's Services

    Get information about Veteran's Services.