Drive Wright Program

First-Time Traffic Offenses
This program was created for certain first time traffic offenses. A person who is charged with certain first time traffic offenses can attend the Drive Wright Roadway Safety Course and not be required to pay the fine for the traffic violation or have a mark on his/her driving record. The course provides an overview of the latest traffic laws and teaches experienced drivers how to be more aware and astute behind the wheel. If you do receive a Drive Wright citation, you will be given the instructions on where to register. There is a fee for this program.

Eligible Infractions

Patrol deputies may refer people to the course for the following eligible infractions:
  • Speeding violations
  • Violation of stop signs
  • Stop lights or yield signs
  • Lane violations
  • Passing violations
  • Failure to signal
  • Illegal turns
Ineligible Infractions
Ineligible infractions are:
  • Alcohol related violations
  • Parking tickets
  • Multiple violations
  • Property or personal injury crashes
  • Misdemeanor
  • Gross misdemeanor
  • Felony violations
  • Two prior infractions during the past 12 months