Auditor / Treasurer

The Auditor / Treasurer’s Office is part of the administrative branch of county government and interacts with county departments, county residents, vendors, local government, state and federal agencies, school districts and special districts. The county auditor / treasurer, an elected official, is the county's chief financial officer, property tax administrator, as well as the chief election official at the county level. The auditor / treasurer is also a member, by statute, of the County Board of Equalization, the county canvassing committee, and sits on various other committees, as directed by the board.

Department Functions

County Budgets, Payroll & Annual Financial Reporting
The county auditor / treasurer issues payments for county department obligations, including consolidated payroll and related liabilities, collects all county revenues, prepares monthly reports and the annual financial statement. The office also assists in the compilation and publication of the annual budget.
This office accepts passport applications when accompanied by acceptable documentation. Hours for passports are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Invoice Payments
This office accepts electronic payment for invoiced goods or services that are not related to property taxes.  You will need an invoice number to ensure that your account is properly credited.

Cash Management

This office invests all surplus county funds, maintains and monitors the county's investment portfolio and all county bank accounts, and reconciles monthly statements from banks and brokers.
Property Taxes, Values, Levies and Rates 
This office handles property tax administration which includes calculation of property taxes, collection and monitoring of current and delinquent real estate tax records, escrow management, settlement of tax receipts to taxing entities, forfeited land proceedings and special assessments including ditches.

Property Conveyances

This office collects all mortgage registration, state deed taxes and split fees. It also processes all documents transferring property titles and enters them in a permanent database before they are filed with the county recorder.
Voter Registration & Elections
Duties of the chief election officer include candidate filing, voter registration, ballot preparation, roster generation, training of election judges and clerks, maintenance of the State Voter Registration System, election reporting to the secretary of state and review for the Canvassing Board.
County Drainage Ditches
The county auditor / treasurer is the liaison between the benefited property owners on official county drainage ditches and the County Board.

County Licensing

This office is a multi-licensing office that offers a variety of licenses and permits and passports.

  • Liquor
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Auctioneer
  • Fireworks
  • Transient merchant
  • Precious metals licenses
License Bureau
The License Bureau is a multi-licensing office that offers a variety of licenses and services.
  • Motor vehicle
  • Driver's license
  • Game and fish licenses
  • DNR registrations & titles