Highway Department

  1. County Highway 12 & County Road 138 Roundabout Now Open - watch video on Roundabout Myths

    The new roundabout is now open to traffic at the intersection of County Highway 12 and County Road 138 in Buffalo. Be prepared to navigate through this new intersection by learning about Roundabouts in the video titled "Roundabout Myths" Read on...
  2. Highway 19 & 70th Street Intersection Changed to Four-Way Stop Control in Alberville/Otsego

    The intersection of Highway 19 and 70th Street NE has been changed to a four-way stop control intersection, as of October 20, 2015. Previously, traffic on Highway 19 was not stopped at this intersection and traffic on 70th Street NE was stop controlled. Read on...
  3. All-Way Stop Coming to CSAH 19 / 70th Street Intersection

    Beginning Tuesday, October 20, the intersection at CSAH 19/70th Street, just north of the Albertville Outlet Mall, will become an all-way stop intersection. Read on...
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Your Safety is Our Job
The Wright County Highway Department is one of the more visible departments in the county. Most of us have seen the orange trucks plowing snow in the winter and have noticed various construction-related activities in the summer on our highway system.

The department is responsible for all activities involving Wright County's 511 mile County Highway system. This system is split into 408 miles of County State Aid Highways (which are financed mostly by state-aid gas tax funds and federal funds) and 103 miles of County Roads (which are financed only by local property tax). About 50 bridges under county jurisdiction are also included on these routes. Personnel in the organization (totaling over 50 full-time) are divided into 4 main divisions:
  • Engineering Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Fleet Services / Shop / Equipment
  • Highway Accounting