Child Services

  1. Adoption

    Find information and resources regarding adopting a child.

  2. Child Care Providers

    Find locally licensed child care providers.

  3. Child Foster Care

    Foster care providers care for children who have been abused, neglected, or whose parents are unable to take care of their children.

  4. Child Protection

    Wright County has the responsibility and authority to assure that children alleged to be abused or neglected are protected from harm or danger and that children in need of protection or services receive the appropriate services.

  5. Child Support & Collections

    Establish, enforce, and modify court orders for basic support (child support), child care, and medical support (health insurance / medical reimbursement).

  6. Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

    Learn about the consumer directed community supports and services available under the waiver programs for children and adults.

  7. Intake & Assessment

    Learn about long-term services and support options in Minnesota (MnCHOICES).

  8. Parent Support

    Get information regarding the Parent Support Outreach Program.