Fees Schedule

Fees charged by the Sheriff’s Office for different types of civil process functions are established by the Wright County Board of Commissioners, following a public hearing to discuss the proposed fees. Fees are reviewed by the Sheriff’s Office periodically and any proposed changes are discussed with other Sheriff’s Offices in the metropolitan area, so they remain fairly consistent.

An administrative service fee will be charged when the paper is entered as received by the Sheriff, and mileage will be charged after an attempt at service, even if the person being served cannot be located.

Fee Schedule

Per Person Service


Deputy Time per hour (charges for deputy time will be initiated when special service is requested)


Mileage (round trip per mile from LEC)

Follows Federal Rate

Legal Not Found


Return of Process when service is not made


Execution Commission (based on the total amount seized, collected or stipulated to by the parties as a result of the Sheriff’s Levy)


Executions Returned – not satisfied




Mortgage Foreclosure


Lien (Mechanical or Warehouseman)


Abandoned Property




Redemption Preparation Fee for Owner/Mortgagors


Redemption Preparation Fee for Junior Lien Holders


Redemption Filing Fee With Sheriff: Notice of Intent to Redeem


Other Document Filing Fee