Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

October 2016 Employee of the Month - Kelley Bjork

October’s HHS Employee of the Month is Kelley Bjork. Kelley has a lot on her plate as she works METS cases and MAXIS HealthCare-Only cases including subsidized adoption and child foster care cases. Kelley will begin training others on METS and MAXIS HealthCare soon. She fills in for METS Mentors and has accomplished all of this since becoming a Financial Worker just this past January! Kelley was nominated by an Outreach Paralegal at Legal Aid. This person is very appreciative of Kelley and states that Kelley has been an amazing help and that she always looks forward to speaking with her about her client’s cases. She says that Kelley is very knowledgeable, informative and patient. Kelley continues to go to lengths for clients and has always been very professional. Knowing the high volume of calls and demands of the Financial Worker’s job, she salutes the FW team for their hard work and great customer service. Congratulations and thank you to Kelley Bjork for delivering great customer service as a WCHHS representative to our clients and providers.