Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

December 2017 Employee of the Month - Mary Thomes

Mary Thomes is our Health & Human Services December Employee of the Month. Mary is an essential part of the Intake and Assessment team since August 2014. As a MNChoice Assessor Social Worker, she has a strong background in working with the DD community. Her nominator states that “she places customer service first and foremost, and always ensures that her clients receive prompt, thorough, and outstanding service. She has a wealth of information and is extremely knowledgeable in every area of her work, and is always ready to share this information as she learns it with clients and coworkers. Mary always advocates for her clients’ needs and goes above and beyond her responsibilities. Mary is a cheerful, professional, friendly member of her team who the first to volunteer to fill a need, exhibiting a positive attitude and teaming with her coworkers to provide a positive and supportive work environment. Mary is thoughtful, passionate about her work, and an invaluable resource to her team and to the Agency as a whole. Mary upholds the WCHHS mission statement by supporting the health and well-being of her clients as she serves their basic human needs.”

An example of Mary’s commitment to excellence in customer service concerns a customer who was mistakenly sent to the HSC from the courthouse only to find what he needed was back at the courthouse. Instead of necessitating him to go back across town, Mary did the research for him and found the information, saving him a return trip while providing excellent service. Thank you Mary for your dedicated service to our community and our Agency.