Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

September 2019 Employee of the Month - Diane Rausch

Diane Rausch is our September Employee of the Month. Diane has been with HHS since March 2005 as an Office Technician. Diane joined the Fiscal team in 2013 and re-joined the Office Support team in early 2017. Diane has found her niche at the Government Center front desk area. She is especially adept at keeping our walk-in clients calm, cool and collected with her method of diffusing or preventing high stress situations. Due to Diane’s grasp of the tasks and processes, she has been able to train new hires and proactively suggest improvements in the tasks. Her ideas positively impact business. Our nominator states: “Today a client came in with two young children in tow. They were full of energy. The mother was noticeably upset and tearful, trying to figure out exactly what needed to be done. Diane calmly explained what the mother needed to do and successfully broke down the communication barrier. Diane came out of her work area behind the window and showed the client where she could have a seat to complete the paperwork. Diane also provided the kids with paper and crayons to keep them busy. Diane’s kind demeanor and way of speaking helped our client calm down and allowed her to regroup and complete the paperwork. Diane regularly goes beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary customer service to our clients. Diane’s communication is kind and gentle as well as direct and simple to understand for our clients. Diane approaches clients dealing with difficult situations with grace and poise.” Thank you and congratulations, Diane, on being our September Employee of the Month!