Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

July 2018 Employee of the Month - Debra Beutler

Debra Beutler
Deb started her employment in Wright County in 2001 as a Financial Worker, in 2005 she moved to Child Support. As a Child Support Officer – CSO, her primary responsibilities are enforcing court orders, collecting support, initiating legal actions and researching case specifics to determine the best course of action. Deb, amazingly, routinely collects at an average rate of 90% of the child support ordered on her cases. The threshold set by the State is 80% which many in her line of work fail to achieve. She is a great resource for the entire department, often mentoring others and answering questions. Deb has been and is a huge asset to our county and to the children of the families she serves. Deb is always willing to help her co-workers. She takes time to share her knowledge with answering questions, helping resolve uncommon situations and train staff in some of the more challenging parts of the job. She is patient, never rushing things or people. In 2017, Deb collected $1,142,928.63 in child support, at a rate of 90% which is over 10% above what DHS has set as our Agency’s threshold. Deb has completed over 70 support modifications over the past few years. Setting the most fair support obligation for families as their situation changes. Deb’s service over the past seventeen years has meant that children with a Wright County court order have had the support they expect and deserve. A job well done by a very conscientious employee. Thank you Deb and we wish you the very best..