Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

December 2016 Employee of the Month - Christine Treichler

Christine Treichler is a long-term, dedicated Wright County Health & Human Services employee in our Family Services Unit. She has held various positions in different units, giving her a broad knowledge base of the child welfare system. Christine is very willing to work with families that present difficult challenges. She excels with the complexity of providing therapeutic services to ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) cases. These children have been removed from their parents and moved across state lines to willing resource homes. Often these children have been victims of various trauma. Christine specializes in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which allows her to help children process through their trauma histories and lays the foundation for healthy changes in their lives. 

Christine has effective communication and a positive working relationship with both the families she serves as well has her  colleagues. Christine is a vital team member providing in-depth, thorough documentation and case plans. These pieces are essential for case planning purposes, reunification of children with their parents or for the purpose of permanency planning. Christine is a passionate member of the child foster care support group. She works very effectively with the teen group. She has made positive connections with the teens and their foster parents. She is up for the challenges and enjoys working with that age group. Having Christine as a co-worker is a joy. She is a true professional and a great coworker. She is able to balance the stress of our daily work with humor and self-care. For all of these reasons, Christine Treichler is the HHS December Employee of the Month.