Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

March 2018 Employee of the Month - Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson
Jenna is a Public Health Nurse in the Community Health Unit. She started employment as a Public Health Nurse with Wright County in October, 2011 and has worked in most areas of Public Health since her arrival. Jenna is a wonderful coworker. She is friendly, motivated, and always willing to help others when needed. She makes time to help when there is a need, even with a full schedule. Jenna works in many program areas and always completes tasks on time. She is willing to take the lead on projects when no one else is available. She assumed a leadership role in planning the Family Home Visiting retreat and it was a huge success! Jenna always has the best interest of her clients in mind, balancing a full work load and her customer’s needs. Jenna promptly returns client and provider calls while being professional and a relationship builder. She makes herself available to community members who come to the office unexpectedly needing public health services such as pregnancy tests and car seat checks. Jenna goes above and beyond for her clients, the community, and her coworkers. Thank you, Jenna! Congratulations Jenna on being our March 2018 Employee of the Month.

April 2018 Employee of the Month - Sara Opay

Sara Opay has been employed in WCHHS since 2009. She has maintained her role as a Children’s CADI social worker and continued to be a subject matter expert in our Children’s Mental Health unit. Sarah not only has gone above and beyond the call of duty by managing 100+ clients; about double the ‘normal’ caseload, but, she has done it with remarkable customer skills, grace and humility. Sara always rises to the occasion to meet deadlines, stay organized and remain efficient in the amount and quality of tasks she is able to accomplish in a day. Sara’s coworkers seek her counsel because they regard and respect her integrity, her unique field experience, and the knowledge she possesses in the world of waivers. Sara’s level of expertise with her clients gives them comfort, knowing they are being heard, helped and well cared for. She is the unsung hero that has helped families during critical times. Sara excels in finding placements, assisting in crises, and in being the go-between in provider and client consultations. Sara brings a refreshing perspective and positive outlook to any given situation. She resolves conflicts and handles difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. These characteristics represent a great deal of what is good in our Agency and epitomizes the Wright County mission statement. Congratulations Sara on being our HHS April Employee of the Month!