Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

October 2017 Employee of the Month - Kolja Sommer

Our HHS October Employee of the Month is Kolja Sommer, an ISS in our Fiscal, Technology and Support Team. Kolja started in Wright County in January 2016, coming to us from Anoka County. Kolja's exceptional skills and abilities in technology, combined with his exceptional service, provides great benefits to the Agency. He is a great contributor in brainstorming, designing and executing ideas for our expanding SharePoint site.

Kolja is one of our Agency's best assets. His humor and approachable demeanor encourage collaboration and camaraderie. His readiness to help his peers at a moment's notice, regardless of his own busy schedule, is always appreciated. Kolja’s ability to accomplish tasks quickly in turn creates an environment of efficiencies which generates faster services to the community. Kolja's knowledge of SharePoint has accelerated our Agency’s robust presence in SharePoint. He is always willing to find the time to assist coworkers and help trouble shoot to find the best solution. Kolja's sense of humor keeps people laughing even when faced with the most frustrating technology troubles! Kolja’s contributions to our Agency results in exceedingly fast turnaround from the nexus of an idea to that idea’s implementation; which is vital to keep the high volume of work, services and moving parts of a large Agency moving forward. Thank you and congratulations Kolja on being HHS’ October Employee of the Month!