Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

May 2019 Employee of the Month - Whitney Moran

Whitney Moran is our HHS May Employee of the Month. Whitney is an Office Technician II in our AFFS/OT unit. Whitney has gone to great lengths to support her coworkers and serve our clients. Whitney has been instrumental in bringing the Office Support Team together through improved communication, problem solving and collaboration.  Whitney's calming demeanor helps clients on the phone and in the lobby.  Her philosophy of helping customers by doing the work behind the scenes adds value to our Agency. An example of Whitney's excellent communication and customer service was demonstrated when she approached a woman in our lobby who wasn't communicating her needs, Whitney broke down the communication barrier by starting a conversation with the client and learning that the woman had a beloved cat. By relating this personal fact to Whitney, this woman now asks for Whitney when she comes to the Agency, allowing our staff to better help her.

Her nominator states that during the government shutdown, Whitney demonstrated support for our Financial Workers who were tasked with meeting extremely tight deadlines. Whitney organized a breakfast sponsored by her fellow HHS workers on behalf of the Financial Workers.  This gave everyone a reason to smile and something to be thankful for while alleviating stress in the midst of demanding work, recognizing coworkers provides energy, whether with food, or, with renewed positivity to give 110%. Whtiney's thoughtfulness and support to those around her shines through daily. Whitney, thank you for your service-forward actions and for being our HHS May Employee of the Month.