Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

February 2018 Employee of the Month - Kaylan Wurm

Kaylan is a Financial Worker on the HealthCare Team. She began employment with Wright county in July, 2016. Kaylan came to WCHHS with a background in transportation, working with customers using non-emergency medical transportation services. Kaylan has become an excellent resource for cost effective insurance -- CEHI.  During a recent mini-KAIZEN event, she brought her extensive knowledge and vibrant, productive ideas to the group.  She contributed suggestions on how the process could be modified,  sought necessary clarification from the State, and was open and willing to try different, new ideas. Since the KAIZEN she has worked closely with Kate Dahl to problem solve areas where the process still gets hung up.  Kaylan is committed to bringing needed changes to the program, she and Kate have provided feedback to the State in order to make the program better for our clients as well as for our staff that process the forms and payments.  Overall, Kaylan’s ability to analyze problems, her willingness to share her knowledge, along with her fun and frank personality helps both the Financial Services team and the CEI team get things done as efficiently as possible. Kaylan has always exemplified the true nature of being a great coworker, willing to help and support each other and being a knowledgeable representative to our customers when they run into a snag with our METS HealthCare system. Congratulations Kaylan on being our February Employee of the Month.