Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

April 2017 Employee of the Month - Misty Thibodeaux

Misty Thibodeaux was promoted to Technology Coordinator earlier this year from ISS – Information Systems Specialist. Since that time Misty has had to juggle her previous ISS duties while learning the Technology Coordinator duties. Misty is very dependable and knowledgeable and no matter how busy she is it never shows in her interactions with coworkers. Misty is consistently helpful and stops what she is doing to answer questions. Misty always goes the extra mile whether working on projects, assisting coworkers, providing back up for coworkers or finding solutions to system problems. Coworkers benefit from Misty's professionalism, expertise, and research abilities. She adeptly researches to find solutions to technology problems employees encounter. She works tirelessly until she has an answer for the person and consistently follows up. Misty is the epitome of a support person and has found her niche at WCHHS as she is definitely the right person for the job of Technology Coordinator. Misty works tirelessly to keep our Agency going technology-wise and we all benefit from her hard work and perseverance. Thank you Misty for improving our Agency by your extreme customer service to our WCHHS employees.