Fee Schedule

Items Fees

Abstract Fees (MS 357.18)

Record any deed or other document

$46.00 (no page limitation) (no non-standard fee)

Documents (Sats., Asgts. & Par. Releases) containing multiple references

$46.00 with 4 document references or less; $10.00 additional each reference over 4 (abstract dept. only)
Well Disclosure Statement $50.00
Plat filing $56.00 (unlimited number of lots)
Amended: Floor Plan (515), Condominium (515A), CIC Plat or amend (515B) $56.00 minimum / addl. $0.50 per apt./unit beyond 28 apt./unit

State Tax Lien/Release (Empl./Econ. Sec.)

State Tax Lien (Dept. Revenue)

State Tax Lien Release (Dept. Revenue)

Federal Tax Lien / Release






Copy of official plat

Certified copy official plat

$10.00 (Plat size)


Attested copy of recorded document $2.00 - mark Duplicate or Copy
Certified copy of recorded document $10.00 - unlimited pages
Copy of Floor Plan (515), Condominium (515A), or CIC Plat (515B) $10.00 minimum or $1.00 per page

Torrens Fees (MS 508.82)

Original First Certificate of Title (First order for Registration) $46.00
Transfer of fee simple title (deed, etc.) $46.00 1st certif. / $40 each addl. certificate
Entry of each memorial per certificate of title $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Issuance of a CECT  $40.00
Issuing each residue certificate $40.00
Exchange Certificates $20.00 per certificate cancelled and
$20.00 per new certificate issued
Plat / CIC / Registered Land Survey $56.00 1st cert. / $40 each addl. certificate
Well disclosure certificate (forwarded to MN. Dept. of Health) $50.00
Amendment to Declaration $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Amended Floor Plan $56.00
Amendment to CIC declaration & plat $46.00
$20.00 each additional certificate
Condominium/CIC plat or amendment $56.00 per certificate
Document affecting 2 or more units (Section 515B CIC) $46.00 first ten certificates and
$10.00 each additional certificate
Certified copy of Survey filing $46.00 per certificate
$20.00 each additional certificate
Condition of Register $50.00
Copy of Official Plat
Certified copy of Official Plat / RLS
$10.00 (Plat size)
Copy of Torrens Certificate $1.00 per side
Attested copy of recorded instrument $2.00 - mark Duplicate or Copy
Certified copy of recorded instrument $10.00 - unlimited pages

Abstract and Torrens Fees (Approved by Wright County Board of Commissioners)

Photo copies of recorded Document (any size)
Non-recorded copies
$1.00 per page
$0.25 per page
Document images on CD $0.10 per image
Certified Mail $3.00 per letter
Handling charge $1.00 per invoice
Remote access fee (Landshark) $50.00 setup / $50.00 per month
$0.25 per downloaded image
Federal Tax Lien search $20.00 per name
State Tax Lien search $20.00 per name
Tract index search (2 months prior) $5.00 per parcel
Lot size search (each lot) $5.00 per lot
Fax $5.00 + $1.00 per copied page