2018 Construction Projects

The 2018 Construction Program on Wright County Highways includes the following (link to map below):

Reconstruction Projects: Highway 9 in Waverly; Highway 38 in Otsego; and Highway 18 in Saint Michael/Albertville

Pavement Preservation Projects: Segments of the following highways in the west/northwest part of the county will receive new bituminous pavement (refer to map, link below, for exact locations/limits): Highway 3, 129, 37, 5, 4, 101, and 39


Mini-Roundabout at the intersection of Highways 8/57/Elm Street in Maple Lake

Roundabout at the intersection of Highways 34 and 134 in Buffalo

Mainline Dynamic Warning Signs at the intersections of Highways: 117/35; 117/113; 117/37 and 75/Grover Avenue

Click on the link below for a map of the 2018 Construction Projects on Wright County Highways

2018 Construction Projects Map

If you have any questions on Wright County's 2018 Construction program please contact:

Chad Hausmann, Assistant County Engineer, 763-682-7387; chad.hausmann@co.wright.mn.us

or Kevin Johnson, Senior Construction Supervisor, 763-682-7707; kevin.johnson@co.wright.mn.us