Wright County Parks & Recreation Programs and Activities

Spring and Summer Programs

Join us for for some fun in the sun! From the trails to the lakes, we have something for everyone this spring and summer. You are encouraged to "Explore the Opportunities!"

Hiking Wright

Once a month during the spring and summer, Wright County Parks and Recreation will offer a hike exploring one of the many parks Wright County has to offer! Hikes will occur on a Saturday morning; each hike will be between 1-3 miles long.  A prize will be given to those who join us for all 5 hikes! Join us as we step into the seasons. 

Master of Disguise Day Camp

From barn owls to grasshoppers, all living creatures use color to survive. This afterschool program will help kids grow in their observation skills as they learn how animals use color to disguise themselves, warn others, and to attract mates. There will be games and crafts for kids ages 5-12. Pre- Registration is required.

Fungus Among Us

Can you tell a lichen from a fungus? Have you ever wanted to learn how to distinguish among the different types of mushrooms? If either of these interests you, then join us for The Fungus Among Us - Spring Edition. This introductory class will teach about character identification and the biology & ecology of lichens and fungi in central Minnesota.

Raptor Center @ Bertram Chain of Lakes

Raptors are coming to Bertram Chain of Lakes this spring! Minnesota Raptor Center is bringing a selection of Birds of Prey out to the Amphitheater. There will be two opportunities to see these wonderful birds. This program is open for all ages!

Fishing with MN Trout

Do you love fishing, or have you always wanted to try? Join MN Trout out at Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park this summer, and they will teach you everything you want to know about fishing! Drop the kids off or come as a whole family for some summer fun down at the lake. 

Orienteering at Collinwood Regional Park and Campground

Orienteering at Collinwood! Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a compass? Join us Saturday, June 12th, from 1-3 pm, basic instructions on how to use a compass will be taught followed by some games! 

Kayaking at Bertram
Marsh, Prairie, and Forests Kids Program
What do Marshes, prairies, and forests have in common? In this program, kids learn about the similarities and differences in a marsh, prairie, and forest, the important role each landscape plays in the environment's overall health. This will be taught through crafts, games, and science experiments! For kids ages 5-12. Pre- Registration is required.

Paddle On!

In partnership with the YMCA Day Camp Manitou to bring exciting Kayaking adventures this summer! Join us out on Bertram Chain of Lakes, whether you are brand new or have been kayaking your whole life. Each Paddle On! The program will be 2 hours long, with several dates throughout the summer. Fun for all ages and experience levels. 

Backyard Birds @ Schroeder Park & Campground

Birds are amazing, from the little Black-Capped Chickadee to the mighty eagle they all different features that help them with survival. Join us Saturday June 17th to learn about birds and play a few games to.

Outdoor Survival @ Bertram Chain of Lakes

Do you know what to do if you got lost in the woods? Join
us for this exciting program as we go over basic survival techniques. This
program will go over basic knot tying, shelter building, fire making, and more!
Fun for the whole family, this program will be held at Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. Pre-registration required.
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