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Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve


Stanley Eddy North Park Map

Stanley Eddy South Unit Map


  1. Backpack Camping
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Cross Country Skiing Trail
  4. Hiking / Walking
  5. Picnic Areas
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Public Lake Access
  8. Snowshoeing Trail

May 23 2019 -  The equine trails in the South Unit of Stanley Eddy Regional Park Reserve will be closed until further notice, as we work to rehabilitate, improve, and construct additional trails. The Closure is due to the extremely wet conditions and will help prevent damage to the new and existing tread which at this time is extremely soft. 

On April 22, we began construction on a three-mile stretch of natural surface trail in the Alama Unit of the park, which is currently undeveloped. Work also began in the South Unit of the park in early May, we are working on additional trail connections, realignments, and enhancements. We would appreciate equine users to refrain from using the trails in the South Unit until which time the new trail bases have stabilized.

This park reserve is made up of three separate units totaling 879 acres with scenic rolling hills, lakes, and marshes.

The Northern Unit has four miles of snowshoe / hike / equine, picnic sites, and toilet facilities, while the Southern Unit has 3.5 miles of ski / hike / equine, picnic sites, and toilet facilities.
Both units offer backpack camping sites by special permit only.  For permits and information on camping, call 763-682-7693. 

The Middle Unit has a boat access to Moose Lake.