Birth, Death & Marriage

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Birth and Death Certificates

Birth certificates 1935 to current and death certificates 1997 to current are generated electronically from the Minnesota Department of Health. You need not go to the individual’s county of birth or death to acquire these certificates.  Any questions concerning acquiring records prior to these dates please call our office or Minnesota Dept. of Health at 651-201-5961.  A Tangible Interest form is required to be filled out prior to receiving a certified copy of a certificate. We will view your current ID at the time of application. The form will need to be notarized if you are applying by mail. If you live out of state, enclose a money order for the amount of the certificate.

You would send it to:
Robert J. Hiivala
Wright County License Bureau Room 160
10-2nd St. NW
Buffalo, MN 55313

Tangible Interest Forms:
Minnesota Death Record Application (PDF - 225 KB)
Minnesota Birth Record Application (PDF - 70 KB) 


Birth Records: $26.00 for first copy; $19.00 for each additional copy of the same record. PLEASE NOTE: The fee for birth certificates did increase by $10.00 for all applications received on or after July 1, 2010 per MN Statute

Death Records: $13.00 for first copy; $6.00 for each additional copy of the same record, purchased at the same time.  

Marriage Application

As of August 1, 2009 BOTH parties will need to be present to apply for a marriage license. Please bring identification with you (driver's license, identification card or passport).  You will be asked for your full given name, address, county of residence, age, date of birth, country or state of birth and social security number. You will be asked for the full names you will be using after the wedding and if either of you have had a felony conviction on or after 8/01/2000 in Minnesota or any state or jurisdiction.  If this is the case, and you wish to change your name, please call our office for more information.

If you are under the age of 18, please contact us for additional information.

Marriage licenses are valid for 6 months. You must marry within that time or the license will expire and you will be required to reapply. There is a 5-day waiting period from the time of application to when you pick up the certificate.

If you were previously married and your last spouse is deceased, we will need the date and county of death.  If your last marriage ended in divorce we will need the dissolution date, county/state and the type of court that it occurred.

Marriage Applications: $115.00 (As of July 1,2010 the fee did increase to $115.00 for a Marriage License in Minnesota) or $40.00 if you have a completed premarital education statement.  As of August 1, 2009 a premarital education statements (PDF sample) must be notarized by the educator and the document must be on the educator's letterhead (MS517.08). The names appearing on the premarital education must be identical to the names on the marriage license (no nicknames).  The completed premarital education statement must be presented at time of application.  There are no refunds. 

We accept cash or check only.

Marriage Certificates – Certified copies are $9.00. You will have to go to the county where you originally applied for the license to get a certified copy.

Credentials of Ministers are filed in the License Bureau.  There is a $5.00 fee to  file credentials. You will be issued a Certificate of Filing.  Please bring your ordination certificate and identification with you.

There is a new Minnesota Official Marriage (MOM's) website that can assist you in locating where a marriage license was issued in Minnesota. Visit it at

Genealogy:  You are welcome to come into our office and search family histories within Wright County or we will search for you at a fee of $20.00 per hour.

Birth records start at 1871.
Death records start at 1871.
Marriage records start at 1950. 

Marriage records starting at 1858 and ending at 1950 are available at the Wright County Heritage Center, 2001 Hwy 25 No, Buffalo

If you would like to contact the Minnesota Department of Health, their Internet address is