Program Unit

The Program Unit of Wright County Court Services consists of seven full-time agents, two case aides, and a unit supervisor.  The Program Unit is responsible for implementation of all adult and juvenile programming which includes pre- and post-sentence electronic monitoring for adults and juveniles; home detention; bail studies; pre-trial drug/alcohol testing for all levels of offenders including felons; adult group probation; administrative probation; juvenile work crew; adult and juvenile diversions; and adult and juvenile community service.  Also offered are education classes such as the Awareness Panel for Impaired Drivers, Adolescent Chemical Education (ACE), Adult and Juvenile Choices Programs.  Restorative justice programming includes Teen Court, Community Conference, Victim/Offender dialogue, and TruThought.  Program Descriptions

PersonnelMain ResponsibilitiesPhone

Margaret Munson

Program Unit Supervisor

763 682-7305

Karen Evans

Restorative Justice, Community Conferencing, Victim/ Offender Mediation, Teen Court, Restitution Only, Employment Specialist, Community Service, Adult & Juvenile Diversion, Special Programs763 682-7328

Ben Ehlinger

Electronic Monitoring and Pre-Trial Supervision763 682-7723

Janet Gholson

Probation Information Center (PIC Agent)763 682-7307

Sherry Schliesing

Employment Specialist, Program Development, and Adult & Juvenile Diversion763-682-7309

Patrick LaVine

Probation Information Center (PIC Agent)763 684-4516

Amy Hertzog

Pre-Trial Supervision and Electronic Monitoring

763 684-4510

Neal Huemoeller

 Pre-trial supervision, group enhanced supervision


Alex Hirman

 Case Aide


Ross Jahnke

 Case Aide