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Administration - (763) 682-7622

Sheriff Joe Hagerty heads the office of 144 full-time sworn deputy sheriff's, 14 part-time deputies, 14 civilian communications officers, 14 clerical workers, 37 civilian corrections officers, 3 jail program staff, and 11 part-time corrections workers.

This division is responsible for the overall management of the office and includes the sheriff, chief deputy, two captains, five lieutenants and two sergeants.   

How do I compliment, or express a concern about a Wright County Sheriff's office employee?
How can I get a copy of a police or accident report?
Where do I get information on obtaining a Permit to Carry a Pistol?
How do I get a permit to purchase a handgun?
How do I pick up recovered stolen property?
What does a Victim/Witness Coordinator do?
How do I contact your Victim/Witness Coordinator?

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Civil Process - (763) 684-4534 or (763) 682-7646

Three deputies in the Civil Process Division serve civil process and legal papers as mandated by state statute. These duties may include serving a summons and complaint concerning a financial matter, a mortgage foreclosure, a court ordered removal of an abusive partner, or other similar actions.

What does the Sheriff's office charge to serve a civil process?
Does the Sheriff serve all civil process papers?
What is the process for getting a tenant evicted from my rental property?

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Communications - (763) 682-7605

This Division is the public safety answering point for the County, receiving all incoming emergency (9-1-1) and non-emergency (763-682-1162) calls for a citizen's request of police, fire or emergency medical services and dispatching the appropriate emergency units.

When do I call 9-1-1?
When do I call (763) 682-1162?
What happens if I call 9-1-1 from my cell phone?

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Community Services - (763) 682-7645

The Community Services Division is responsible for the training and implementation of community policing within the Sheriff's Office. It is also the liaison with city police commissions and city councils for community policing, Neighborhood Watch and special problems. Two deputies in this Division instruct D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). Eight deputies are assigned to the school liaison program.

Recreational Services Grant Report.


What is Community Policing?
What is Neighborhood Watch?
Tell me more about D.A.R.E.

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Criminal Investigation - (763) 682-7637

Detectives investigate major crimes, and interview witnesses and suspects. Nine detectives and one sergeant are assigned to this Division.

What are the most common crimes in Wright County?
Who do I call if I have information on a crime?
What types of surfaces are best for developing latent prints?

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Corrections - (763) 684-2381

This division is responsible for the incarceration of Wright County prisoners for up to one year, as licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The present Wright County Jail was built in 2009 and has a maximum capacity of 178 inmates.

How do I deposit money on an inmate's account?
How do I leave a message for an inmate?
What are the jail visiting hours?
What is the "Huber Law"?
What is the average daily population in the Wright County Jail?
What is "Pay-for-Stay"?
Who's in Jail?
I need my fingerprints for a non-criminal matter. How do I get that done?

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Narcotics - (763) 684-2368

The Special Investigations Unit investigates illegal drug activity in the County. A sergeant and three Wright County deputies are assigned full-time to the SIU. 

 Is the problem of illegal drugs in Wright County better or worse than other places?
What is the most common illegal drug found in Wright County?
Who would I contact if I had information about some suspected drug activity?

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Warrants/Transports - (763) 682-7688

Four deputies are assigned to this Division. These officers serve arrest warrants as issued by the court and are responsible for the transport and pick up of Wright County warrant arrests made out of the County and the transport of prisoners as directed by the court. This unit also investigates juvenile runaways and other missing person complaints.

How many warrants are issued in Wright County each year?
Why does the court issue a warrant?
How many juvenile runaways are reported each year in Wright County?

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Patrol - (763) 682-1162

The Patrol Division is the largest division in the Sheriff's Office with 56 deputies assigned, including seven sergeants. Twenty-eight of these deputies provide patrol services to the County 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The remaining 28 deputies provide law enforcement services to the 13 contract cities.

What services does the Sheriff's office provide for in the law enforcement contract?
How is contracting different than having our own police department?
How can I contact a deputy who handled my complaint?

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Bailiff - (763) 682-7558

10 Deputies are assigned including 1 Sergeant. This Division provides security for the Government center including the courts. The bailiff division is responsible for the transport and security of prisoners being brought to and from the jail to court.

What's the difference between a Jury Trial and a Court Trial?
Why can't I have my hearing taken care of in one day?
Do I qualify for a public defender?

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Victim Assistance - (763) 684-4537

Stacy Doyle is our Victim Assistance Coordinator and administers our Victim Assistance Program.  Law enforcement sees more victims of crime than any other component of the criminal justice system.  The purpose of this program is to help minimize the effects of a crime, or traumatic event, by providing immediate response to victims and their families.

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Specialized Units:

The deputies in these units volunteer for extra duty and are available for call out when their special services are needed. Their regular assignments are with their Division.

Accident Reconstruction:  The reconstruction of fatal and serious injury accidents to try to determine how the accident happened, vehicle speeds and who was at fault.

Emergency Response Team:  Specially trained deputies are called to assist in high risk incidents such as hostage situations, barricaded suspects, hazardous arrests and searches.

K-9:  Deputy and a specially trained dog for search and rescue, and building and outdoor searches for suspects.

Major Crimes Unit:  Specially trained deputies who assist detectives with crime scene processing in the investigation of major crimes.

Underwater Recovery:  Deputies with scuba and ice diving experience to aid in the recovery of drowning victims or criminal evidence.

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For more information, please contact
Sheriff Joe Hagerty or Chief Deputy Dave Miller
at (763) 682-7622 or email;