Victim Assistance Program

Stacy Doyle-Coordinator


Law enforcement sees more victims of crime than any other component of the criminal justice system.  The purpose of this program is to help minimize the effects of a crime, or traumatic event, by providing immediate response to victims and their families.

General Services Provided

  • Crisis counseling, support and information to crime victims, and families of suicide and fatal accident victims.
  • Stabilization/safety planning/determine immediate needs/identify support systems.
  • Provide education/understanding about the crime/incident, and preparation for what will happen next in the process.
  • Case status updates and explanation of criminal justice processes.
  • Address questions/concerns to assist victims in making informed decisions.
  • Assistance in:
    • applying for a Harassment Restraining Order or Order for Protection.
    • applying for victim compensation funds (victim may be eligible for financial assistance if they have suffered economic loss of a result of violent crime).  Reparations Claim Form
    • arranging funeral services.
    • recovering items being held as evidence.
    • preparing families in dealing with the media.
    • facilitating crime scene cleanup.
    • referrals to social services, counselors/support services, and crime-specific programs such as Central MN Sexual Assault Center 320-251-4357 and Rivers of Hope 763-295-3433 (domestic violence agency).
  • For victims of crime, there is a shift of services to the County Attorney Victim Assistance Coordinator, Jenny Paripovich 763-682-7349 when a case transitions from an investigation to criminal charges.