Commissioner Pat Sawatzke - District 2

Sawatzke13.jpgCommissioner Sawatzke was first elected to the County Board in 1990, and his current term expires December 31, 2016. He lives in Monticello. 

District 2 includes: City of Clearwater, Clearwater Township, Silver Creek Township, Maple Lake Township precincts 1A and 1B, City of Maple Lake, Monticello Township and the City of Monticello.

Commissioner Sawatzke serves on the following County Board appointed Committees:  Budget Committee Of The Whole, Capital Improvement/Finance, Civil Defense, Committee To Inspect Ditches, Deferred Compensation, Personnel & Employee Relations, Transportation Committee Of The Whole, Union Negotiations, and Ways & Means.

He also serves on the following County Board appointed Advisory Boards:  Bertram Chain Of Lakes Advisory Board, East Central Joint Powers Board, Great River Regional Library Board, Historical Society, Legislative Matters, and the Monticello Joint Planning Board.

Commissioner Sawatzke serves on the following Human Services appointed Committees/Boards:  Cenral MN Mental Health Center Board, Central MN Mental Health Center Foundation, the Emergency Preparedness Committee, and the River Rider Joint Powers Board.

Commissioner Sawatzke is also a Delegate to the Association Of Minnesota Counties, and serves on the Environment & Natural Resources Policy Committee.


Phone: (763) 682-7687