County Budget

Offer Feedback

Wright County encourages its residents to give feedback, offer suggestions, or ask questions on the county’s budget. We want to hear concerns or input on proposals, ideas and programs. To give feedback:

Strategic Priorities

The budget allows Wright County to continue to focus on our countywide strategic priorities:

  • Empower Use of Land, Property, and the Environment
  • Optimize Civic Engagement
  • Promote Safe and Healthy Communities
  • Shepherd Economic Growth
  • Develop County Infrastructure

Preparing the County Budget

Preparing the County budget is an 8-month process. For Wright County, the budget process begins in May. Throughout the summer months, department directors prepare their budgets and work with the Budget Committee on fine-tuning their proposals. By mid-to-late August a budget is presented to the Board of Commissioners, and discussion about the budget occurs over the next few Commissioner Meetings. By the end of September, the Board approves a preliminary budget and levy.

After the preliminary budget is approved, the budget may decrease, but it cannot go up. Before final adoption of the budget in December, any needed adjustments are made, and a Truth-in-Taxation meeting is held to get public input. The Board adopts a final budget and tax levy in December.

Budget Process Timeline

  • May: Finance prepares budget worksheets.
  • June: Departments plan and prepare their budget proposals and make budget requests.
  • July: Budget Committee reviews budget proposals with department heads and considers technology projects and requests.
  • August: Administrator formulates County budget recommendations and presents preliminary budget and levy to the Board.
  • September: Board of Commissioners reviews Administrator's recommendations and adopts preliminary budget.
  • October through December: Receive input and feedback from the public on budget proposal.
  • December: Truth-in-Taxation public hearing and Board adopts final budget and tax levy, and the Finance Director certifies the levy.

Bar chart of the budget timeline listed above.


 If you need assistance reading the information above, contact Wright County Finance via email for help.