Safe School Committees

Open Communication with Schools
The Wright County Attorney has supported open communication with our schools. That is why the County Attorney has chosen to sit on a number of Safe School Committees throughout the county where they deal with issues that affect the education and safety of our children. The County Attorney has given many presentations to high schools throughout Wright County about the criminal justice system, drugs, alcohol, the opportunities our great country offers, freedom, cost of freedom, what it takes to be a good citizen and the need for education. We all share the common goal that our children receive an education without fearing drugs and violence.

One of the issues raised in those committees is truancy. The County Attorney has made the truancy issue a priority within the office. That is why the County Attorney's Office has participated in creating a new truancy diversion program by collaborating with schools, Social Services, Court Services, and the courts to assist families facing truancy issues. The goal of the truancy diversion program is to help families facilitate successful completion of their children's education.