Educational Neglect Services

Wright 2 School

Educational Neglect Intervention Program
2023 -2024 School Year

The goal of our program is to strengthen, support, and serve students, their families, and schools; to achieve regular and consistent school attendance.

One of the most important things parents can do to help their student succeed is to make sure they attend school. Minnesota law requires all students to attend school. 

The program has proven to be a success based on parent/guardian and family involvement, and collaboration with schools. We recognize that attendance is clearly a problem that has long term effects on students, families, and the community.  We have promoted a community standard in which school attendance is valued and expected.  Our students cannot achieve success without the benefit of an education.

New Referrals to the educational neglect programs will receive support from the WCHHS team via voluntary services to assist with student’s issues related to attendance. 

Wright 2 School Process Information

School District Response
Wright 2 School Process
Wright 2 School Family Brochure - PDF Version

Step 1: Initial Referral - 5 full unexcused days if student is in elementary school.

Once the school has become aware of a student’s attendance concerns and has reached out to the family to inform and express concern about the students lack of attendance an initial referral may be made.  During this step, the family will receive a letter to attend the Attendance Intervention Meeting (AIM) where the Wright County Ed Neglect Social Worker will provide information to the student and family about what can happen if the student continues to accrue unexcused absences. 

Ed Neglect Initial Referral Form

Step 2: Intervention Referral - 7-10 full unexcused days if student is in elementary school and 15 school days from completion of the Student Support Plan.

If absences continue and the 15 days have lapsed since the completion of the Student Support Plan the Intervention Referral can be submitted. During this step WCHHS will collaborate with the school, student, and family to make sure all possible interventions are explored and supports are offered to improve the child's attendance and remove barriers to success.   

Ed Neglect Intervention Referral Form

Wright 2 School Student Support Plan

Who to contact:

NamePhone NumberRole
Jessica Nelson, Supervisor(763)682-7401Supervisor
Jessica Summers, Ed Neglect Case Aide(763)684-2339Ed Neglect Interventions for all school districts within Wright County.
Samantha Isensee, Ed. Neglect SW(763)684-8421Ed Neglect Interventions for all school districts within Wright County.