Truancy and Educational Neglect Services

Truancy and Educational Neglect Services
2020-2021 School Year

New Referrals to the truancy and educational neglects programs can receive support from the WCHHS team via voluntary services to assist with student’s issues related to attendance. 

Step 1: Initial Referral (A minimum of 3 Full Days of unexcused absences or more)

Once the school has become aware of a student’s attendance concerns and has reached out to the family to inform and express concern about the students lack of attendance an initial referral may be made.  During this step, the Wright County Attorney's office & WCHHS will send a letter to the family highlighting the attendance concerns and supports the family may find beneficial.

Truancy/Ed Neglect Initial Referral Form

Step 2: Intervention Referral (A Minimum of 5 Full Days of unexcused absences or more)

If absences continue, you have exhausted efforts, and there are concerns about the student, family, educational barriers, and possibly the student’s overall circumstances you should submit the Intervention Referral.  During this step WCHHS will collaborate with the school, student, and family to make sure all possible interventions are explored and supports are offered to improve the child's attendance and remove barriers to success.   

Truancy/Ed Neglect Intervention Referral Form