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As a service to Governmental Units Wright County is providing a secured portal to information maintained by Wright County. Some data includes a compilation of records, information and data located in various cities, county, and state offices and other resources. The information is intended for reference purposes only. Although reasonable efforts are taken to provide the most current information, Wright County does not guarantee accuracy of the material contained herein and is not responsible for misuse, misrepresentations or misinterpretations. If discrepancies are found, or a password is needed, please contact the Wright County IT Department at 763-682-7315.

By choosing “Yes, I agree” you are accepting the following terms:
1. The user name and password provided to you by Wright County will not be shared under any circumstances.
2. The Governmental Unit certifies that it will use this data exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling objectives directly related to the Governmental Unit.
3. The Governmental Unit and its agents, employees, or any other party on its behalf shall not copy or reproduce in any way the data provided by the County for any other use than directly related to the Governmental Unit.
4. The Governmental Unit will safeguard the data and protect it from unauthorized use or reproduction, and will also assume full responsibility in the event that the data is used for purposes outside the scope of the Governmental Unit. Furthermore, the Governmental Unit shall notify the County in the event it becomes aware of any unauthorized use of the data.
5. The Governmental Unit shall not sell copies of maps or printed materials produced from this data except as agreed upon between the County and the Governmental Unit.
6. The Governmental Unit releases the County from any and all liability resulting from any inaccuracies in the data provided.

Failure to comply with the terms listed above may terminate your access through the portal. If you cannot comply for any reason choose “No, I disagree” to cancel and exit this page.

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