Harassment Order

Victims of harassment may seek a restraining order from the court. The definition of harassment includes a single incident of physical or sexual assault. Further, gestures must either have a substantial adverse effect or be intended to have a substantial adverse effect of the safety, security, or privacy of another to be considered harassment.

If a single physical or sexual assault incident, repeated intrusive/unwanted incidents or gestures having adverse effect on safety are the basis for a harassment order, the petitioner must also allege an immediate and present danger of harassment before the court issues a temporary restraining order.

In any harassment case, reports of the incidents of harassment should be made to a local law enforcement agency. If you live in Wright County contact the Wright County dispatch center 763-682-7600 and a Deputy or local Officer will take a report.

To obtain a Harassment Restraining Order, it is necessary to file a Petition and Affidavit with the Court Administrator.

The petitioner must be a resident of Wright County.