Assistive Devices & Products

Ablenet  800-322-0956
This catalog and website offers communication switches and mounting systems to assist individuals with expressing their need/wants and other adapted products for inclusion into everyday activities.

Access to Recreation  800-634-4351
This company offers adapted equipment for all areas of recreation.  

Achievement Products  800-373-4699
This company offers a variety of equipment for special needs.  

Adaptive Mall  800-371-2778
This company offers adaptive equipment of all kinds. Browse through all of the products they offer. 

Allegro Medical  800-861-3211
This company offers durable medical products and other medical supplies.  

Attainment Company  800-327-4269
This company offers software and speaking devices as well as other helpful products.  

Assistive Technology Resources  763-588-0811
Helpful resources through the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute  

Autism Resource Network, Inc.  952-988-0088  (You can order a free catalog by calling this number)
There is an Autism Resource Network Book Store in Hopkins featuring many books and products regarding Autism and related topics.  

Autism Shopper
This company was founded by a mother from Minnesota who has a child with autism. The products are high quality and modified to meet individual needs. The company offers mainly visual/ PECS communication products and social stories, but has other products available as well.  

Beyond Play  877-428-1244
This company offers Early Intervention products specifically for children Birth to 5 with Special Needs. 

Consumer Affairs - 855-326-5982
This company compares popular brands and educates readers on important features to consider when selecting a hearing aid. It explains key aspects of the device such as fit, noise reduction, speech enhancement, and programmability.

Enabling Devices  800-832-8697
This company provides assistive and learning devices for children with special needs. They also provide products for independent living.  

Flag House  800-793-7900
This company offers a variety of products for special needs.  

Integrations  888-388-3224
Integrations is a branch of School Specialty Family featuring sensory integration toys/equipment.  

Kaplan  800-334-2014
This Early Learning Company supplies daycare, schools, etc. with educational toys.  

Lakeshore  800-428-4414
This is a popular catalog used by teachers. It offers a wide variety of educational items to use with your child. 

Linguisystems  800-776-4332
The company publishes speech and language arts materials.  

Mayer-Johnson, Inc.  800-588-4548
This company offers augmentative (assisted) communication products including PCS (Picture Communication Symbols).  

MN Star Program  651-201-2640
Funding sources for assistive technology.  

Professional Development Programs  651-439-8865
Company offering professional development programs, inexpensive products, and publications.  

Pyramid Educational Products, Inc.  888-732-7462
Features products for the Picture Exchange Communication System and the Pyramid Approach to Education.  

Quilted Illusions  763-226-9426
Weighted quilts, weighted vests, weighted animals, and texture quilts among other products. Made to order (size, style, and fabric).   

RehabMart  800-827-8283
This company is a provider of medical supplies, rehabilitation products and healthcare technologies.

Rifton Equipment  800-571-8198
This company offers adapted seating and mobility products often used in the school setting.  

Social Learning  800-777-6636
This company offers resources on parenting, teen life skills, staff training, and agency support.  

South Paw Enterprises, Inc.  800-228-1698
This company develops and manufactures sensory integration products.  

Super Duper Publications  800-277-8737
This company offers many sensory, learning, and communication products.  

TFH Fun and Achievement  800-467-6222
This company offers a variety of sensory/therapy products.  

Therapro   800-257-5376
This company provides adapted products for people (children and adults) with special needs.  

Therapy Shoppe  800-261-5590
This company offers specialty toys, games, educational equipment, sensory, and motor products.  

TotSAFE  866-544-5159
This company offers various child safety items to use in your home.  

Woodbine House  800-843-7323
This company offers written materials related to special needs.