Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule -2023

Incident/Report copies-100 or fewer paper copies$0.25per page, black and white, letter or legal, .25 cents for one-sided and .50 cents for two sided
Most other types of copies
Actual Cost
Data Subject Requests
Actual Cost
Liquor License application background fee$100.00
Temp Liquor License application background fee$50.00
Credit Card Convenience Fee, Non-Property
see Finance and Taxpayer Services' Fee Schedule
Transcription Copies$25.00per transcript flat fee, plus $25.00/hour after first hour
Audio/Video/Digital Photos/Shared Link$25.00
Photographs (From Negatives)$10.00flat fee +$.50 per photo (may require additional time)
Electronic Data Recovery$100.00per hour, minimum 2 hours: citizen provides hard drive
Impound Lot Storage Fee$10.00per day, begins 15th day after citizen signs for certified notice to retrieve vehicle
Forfeiture/Administrative Fee$100.00$50 for innocent owners

DUI Forfeiture Storage $50 with additional $50 if not picked up within 2 weeks of court order.
Raft Permits$0.00
Explosive Permits$5.00Each
Permit to Carry Handgun (PTC)$100.00  
Wright County Sheriffs Office Employee/Retired$10.00In Good Standing (PTC), Renewals, Same Fee
WC Sheriffs Office Spouse of Employee (PTC)$25.00Renewals, Same Fee
Any Active/Retired Peace Officer (PTC)$25.00Renewals, Same Fee
U.S. Military Veteran (PTC)$25.00Renewals, Same Fee
Spouse of U.S.Military Veteran (PTC)$25.00Renewals, Same Fee
PTC Renewals$75.00if made within 90 days prior to expiration
"        "$85.00if made within 30 days after expiration
"        "$100.00if made over 30 days after expiration
PTC Replacement Cards$10.00  
Court Ordered Transfer of Firearm Fee
Per incident/Order Fee$65.00initial fee
Per Gun Fee$30.00Initial & annually (until released)
Special Detail Fee$75.00per hour - 3 Hour Minimum
Ignition Interlock Install on Property$200.00
Collection Fee$85.00Per Account (see Finance and Taxpayer Services)


Fees charged by the Sheriff’s Office for different types of civil process functions are established by the Wright County Board of Commissioners, following a public hearing to discuss the proposed fees. Fees are reviewed by the Sheriff’s Office periodically and any proposed changes are discussed with other Sheriff’s Offices in the metropolitan area, so they remain fairly consistent.

An administrative service fee will be charged when the paper is entered as received by the Sheriff, even if the person being served cannot be located.

ItemCost         Description
Deputy Time on Seizure$75per hour
Executions$75plus 5% commission on money collected
Executions Unsatisfied$50each
Filing Fees$20each
Foreclosure Sales$60
Legal Not Found$30
Mileage (round trip)Federal Rate
Notice of Intent to Redeem$100
Posting Notices$30
Redemption of Foreclosure$250
Sales Other (all)$100each
Service of Summons
Service Fee- initial attempt*$75
Each additional attempt$25
Additional papers at same address (additional named person)$30
Return of unserved process$70
*Service fee includes up to three attempts at same address, mileage included.


ItemCost         Description
Booking Fee$25
Fingerprinting$15Wright County residents & non-resident and business
DOC 3/4 Housing Boarding Fee$65per day
DOC Work Release/Release Violators Boarding Fee$58per day
Drug Screening Fee$20
Other County Inmate Boarding Fee (General Population)$75per day
Other County Special Housing Boarding Fee$150per day
Out-of-County Boarding Fee$80per day
Pay-For-Stay$20per day
Collection Charge$85see Finance and Taxpayer Services' Fee Schedule
Pay-For-Stay other Counties$55per day
Work Release GPS Fee$10per day
Photo Fee$5Free if electronically sent
Jail Video Fee$25Per camera view when request does not endanger jail security