Administration Department Functions

County Administrator

The County Administrator is appointed by and under the general direction of the County Board of Commissioners, this position is the Chief Executive Officer for the County Board of Commissioners; directs the overall administration of the County and is responsible for developing, recommending, and implementing County-wide policies and programs.  The County Administrator has the authority to hire, suspend and dismiss employees within the authority granted by the County Board of Commissioners.  This position participates in the planning, development, recommendation, implementation and evaluation of County policies and is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the management and operation of the County by establishing goals and objectives within policy directives set forth by the County Board. 

Assistant County Administrator

The two Assistant County Administrators serve as the principal assistants to the County Administrator in the general administration of the County. This positions are responsible for performing technical analysis and administrative functions and serve as the primary assistants to the County Administrator in planning, organizing and directing county-wide administrative policies, activities and services. The Assistant County Administrators supervise and oversee department directors and departmental staff split between two groups being Central Services and Property Services, which are overseen by the Assistant County Administrators. 

Office Manager

The Office Manager serves as recorder to the County Board and Board Committees as assigned, including responsibility for managing the County’s Agenda Review Process, preparation and distribution of agendas and supporting documentation, providing notification and maintaining records of all County Board proceedings, and managing the County Board meeting schedule. The Office Manager also provides administrative support for the Administration Department and for the County Board.

Facilities Services Director

The Facilities Services Director directs the operation, maintenance, and planning of County Facilities, and performs professional and administrative work for coordinating the planning of facilities projects and procurement of goods and services. The Facilities Services Director also supervises and oversees the work of Building Maintenance staff in Administration. 

Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Director serves as the Division Head of the Human Resources/Risk Management Division for the Wright County Administration Department.  Provides direction to the management and operation of the Division by establishing goals and objectives within the policy directives set forth by the County Board of Commissioners and County Administrator.  This position directs all elements of the Human Resources program including recruitment, examination, selection and placement, position classification, compensation, benefits, employee training, employee relations, labor relations and employee communications.

Assistant Human Resources Director

The Assistant Human Resources Director assists with the administration and management of the human resources and labor relation functions for Wright County. The Assistant Human Resources Director collaborates with the Human Resources Director with developing, managing, and implementing programs, initiatives to accomplish division goals and objectives.  This position assists with managing Human Resources programs including employee recruiting, examinations, selection and placement, position classification, compensation, benefits, employee training, employee relations, labor relations, and employee communications. 

Human Resources Representatives

The Human Resources Representatives perform a variety of human resources generalist functions with an emphasis on recruitment, employee benefits, training, records maintenance, report compilation, employee/labor relations, compensation plan administration and the employee performance appraisal system.

Communication Specialist

The Communication Specialist provides strategic oversight and direction for all media efforts that promote and enhance the image, goals and vision of Wright County. This position is responsible for defining the organization's social media strategy and developing procedures to ensure a social media presence that is consistent with the goals of Wright County as well as industry standards. This position supports and maintains an overall public information plan for increasing public awareness of services, activities, and accomplishments.

Risk Manager

The Risk Manager oversees the County’s risk management, loss control and safety/OSHA programs and assists in administrating employee training and employee communications. This position ensures that working conditions and operations at County facilities are safe and compliant with State and Federal laws.

Administrative Specialists

The Administrative Specialists perform confidential secretarial, administrative and clerical accounting duties to assist Department management and staff related to the County’s Administration Office, including the Human Resources/Risk Management and Facilities Services Divisions, and the County Board.