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Wright County adheres to the guidance of the CDC regarding social distancing and personal safety protocols. If you are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, nausea, etc.) we ask that you please cancel your appointment and do not enter a county facility.

Finance & Taxpayer Services
Services:Property Tax, Property Forfeitures
Phone Scheduling:763-682-7578
Online Scheduling:Online Scheduling(Coming Soon)

Phone Scheduling:763-682-7574
Email Scheduling:Coming Soon
Online Scheduling:Online Scheduling

Phone Scheduling:(763) 682-7671, (763) 682-7692
Email Scheduling:Coming soon
Online Scheduling:Online Scheduling

License Center
Services:MN Driver’s license, Real-ID, State ID cards, Driver’s Permit Applications
Online Scheduling:Online Scheduling
Email Scheduling:Email Scheduling(Coming Soon)

Services:Real Estate Recordings
Phone Scheduling:763-682-7360

Services:Vital Records: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates
Phone Scheduling:

Services:Issuance of Marriage Licenses and Filing of Credentials
Phone Scheduling:
Email Scheduling
Email Appointments

Services:Access to Records Room (public records pertaining to real estate or genealogy research)
Online Scheduling:
Online Scheduling

Health and Human Services
Phone:(763) 682-7400
Online Scheduling:Visit the HHS Scheduling Page

Planning and Zoning
Services:Zoning, Land Use, Compost and Recycling Facility, Building/Septic Permits
Phone Scheduling:(763) 682-7338
Compost & Recycling Facility Online Scheduling:Online Scheduling

Phone Scheduling:(763) 682-7889
Online Appointments:Online Scheduling

Contact Information for Departments without Online Appointment Scheduling

Phone:(763) 682-7378

Phone:(763) 682-7367
Email:Email Assessor Department

Phone:(763) 682-7340
Toll Free:800-362-3667
Email:Email Attorney Department

Court Administration
Phone:(763) 682-7539
Jury Service Call in Line:(763) 682-7568
Jury Service Questions:(763) 682-7554

Court Services
Phone:(763) 682-7308

U of M Extension 
Phone:(763) 682-7394
Email:Email U of M Extension

Phone:(763) 682-7383
Email:Email Highway Department

Information Technology
Phone:(763) 682-7315
Email:Email Information Technology

Law Library
Phone:(763) 682-7592
Email Law Library Manager:Tues, Wed, Thurs
Email Law Library Assistant:Mon,Fri

Parks & Recreation
Phone:(763) 682-7693
Email:Email Parks & Recreation

Phone:(763) 682-7622
Email:Email Sheriff’s Office

Veteran Services
Phone:(763) 682-7325
Email:Email Veteran Services