Re-licensing Paperwork

When it is time to renew your license, you will receive a letter and an email from your licensor 2-3 months before your license expires. A licensor will then conduct an unannounced re-licensing visit of your program. You must communicate with your licensor if you have any planned vacation days, field trips or other schedule conflicts that will make you unavailable for a licensing visit. 

The following paperwork and fee must be submitted AT LEAST 30 days before your license expires: 

  • Total fees for a 2 year license are $100. Total fees for a 1 year license are $50. You can send a check to our office, pay with a credit/debit card over the phone by calling 763-335-0285, or you are able to pay on-line on the Wright County website.

    Program ID #: 110206233

    Zip Code: 55313

    For questions, call 763-335-0285 
  • Enrollment form
  • Pre-licensing questionnaire 
  • Develop DHS learning record

The remaining paperwork can be sent to your licensor prior to the licensing visit or made available at the home visit. 

The licensor will also review the following: