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Tax Abatement Finance Application

  1. Wright-County_horizontal_EDA
  2. Tax Abatement Finance Application

  3. Business Information

  4. Project Information

  5. Land Use:
  6. Is this a redevelopment project of a blighted area?
  7. What is the address of the proposed project?

  8. Has the municipality that this projected is located in agreed to provide Tax Abatement?
  9. When are the anticipated dates of commencement and completion of construction?

  10. How much Tax Abatement is being requested?

  11. City:
  12. County:
  13. School:
  14. Which of the following does the project accomplish?
  15. Attachments to include:

  16. Is a site plan attached to this application that includes a floor plan and square footage of the project?
  17. Tax Abatement Scoring Worksheet

  18. 1. Job Creation

    Jobs created per $10,000 in county abatement:

  19. 2. Private to public investment – what amount of private money will be invested directly into this development vs. the amount of public money invested.
  20. 3. Creation of unsubsidized investment – Can this project reasonably be expected to spur additional development that will create additional taxable market value?
  21. 4. Blighted property remediation – How much money is spent remediating blight on the property to prepare it for development:
  22. 5. What percent of the maximum abatement is being requested?
  23. Tennessen Warning Data Practices Advisory

    This advisory is being given to you pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 13.04, subd. 2. You are being asked to provide Wright County / Wright County EDA and/or its agents and representatives information that may be classified as private or confidential data. This information is requested as part of the Wright County EDA Tax Abatement Application. You are required to provide this information.


    Any information that you provide may be made accessible to the following persons or entities:

    1. The subject(s) of the data, which may include someone other than yourself.
    2. Individuals within Wright County whose work assignments reasonably require access to the information you provide to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions. Those individuals include, but are not necessarily limited to, the Wright County Board of Commissioners, Administration, Auditor/Treasurer Office, and the County Attorney’s Office.
    3. Any persons, entities or agencies authorized by state or federal law to have access to the information. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
      1. Contracting Parties. Where a contract between Wright County / Wright County EDA and a contracting party requires that such party have access, the information you provide will be shared with that contracting party. The contracting party may not disclose the information except as authorized by state or federal law.
      2. Attorneys. The information you provide may be shared with Wright County’s attorneys if the information is related to a matter upon which Wright County has requested legal advice.
      3. Auditors and State Agencies. The information you provide may be shared with Wright County’s auditors, the Minnesota State Auditor, the Minnesota Department of Revenue, and other Minnesota State agencies.
      4. Open Meetings. As required by the Open Meeting Law, Minn. Stat. § 13D.01 et seq.
      5. Documentation Supporting Criminal Action. If you provide false information, it may be used and referred to criminal justice organizations for actions relating to a criminal investigation the information you provide will become available to the public as part of any potential criminal prosecution.
      6. Change in Classification. The information you provide may be made available to other persons or entities if state or federal law subsequently authorizes such access or if the State Commissioner of Administration approves a new or different use for the information pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 13.05.
      7. Court Order. The information you provide will be made available to any persons or entities authorized by court order to have access to the information.
      8. Benefits. The information you provide would be available to the Unemployment Division of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development in any claim for or appeal of reemployment benefit.
      9. Other. The information you provide may be available to other persons or entities authorized by federal or state law.
    4. Persons or entities who have the express written consent of the data subject, who may be someone other than yourself.
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