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Health & Human Services Nomination for Employee of the Month

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    Nomination for Employee of the Month

    Complete this form to nominate a Health & Human Services staff member for Employee of the Month - EOM.

    If the form is being completed by someone on behalf of a client/member of the public, the nomination must use the statements made by the individual in their email, letter, or voicemail.

    Please do not include client names or other private or confidential information in the form.
  3. The EOM Committee will review the nominations and select a candidate based on the following criteria:

    -Provided a service(s) to a client/consumer that went above and beyond the expectations in their job description
    -The customer(s) can specify a benefit derived from the nominee’s services
    -The nominee exemplifies professionalism, good performance, and exceptional customer service

    Nominations that are not selected in the month that they are received will be held for six months and included with the subsequent months’ nominees. After six months of not being selected, the nomination period will end.

    Customer Service Commendation
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