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1. Where can I find the Wellness on Wheels (WOW) Program schedule?
2. What is the phone number for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)?
3. Where can I get my car seat checked?
4. Who do I contact regarding birth control?
5. Who do I call if I have no insurance and need to go to a doctor?
6. Where can I get a free or low cost mammogram or pap screening?
7. What is the Minnesota Child Passenger Restraint Law?
8. What immunizations (shots) do children need and when?
9. What immunizations (shots) do adults need and when?
10. Where can I find information on health issues relating to international travel?
11. Where can I find information on vaccine safety?
12. Who can answer questions on immunization issues?
13. Where can I get a record of immunizations that were given to me or my child?
14. Where can I recycle my expired or damaged car seat?