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1. I am an unmarried father and I want visitation or custody of my biological child. What are my rights?
2. I am an unmarried parent. What are my rights regarding my child?
3. I am confused about the difference between physical vs. legal custody in a divorce case.
4. Where can I get forms to get custody of my child?
5. I lost my job or have a change in my income. How can I change the amount I pay for child support?
6. How do I apply for or renew my Minnesota Notary Public Commission?
7. I've been charged with a crime and I need legal advice, but I can't afford to hire an attorney. Will the county appoint one for me?
8. I need legal advice on a divorce or custody case. Can the county appoint me a lawyer?
9. I need to file a small claim against someone. How do I go about doing that?